It’s finally fall in Central Texas. Months of relentless heat have finally begun to lift. There’s a palpable lightness to the atmosphere, to people’s demeanors, to the world around us. Things have finally begun to change.

I’ve spent most of my life in the Central and Southern parts of Texas. The summers are hot and unrelenting. The heat and humidity just seem to draw on forever and ever, with no end in sight. You just grow to accept, even if not fully like, that this is just how life is. You get used to being sweaty and uncomfortable, you get used to your ballooning electric bill. You adapt.

What else can you do?

This past week the heaviness of the heat has finally begun to shift. Fall is easily my favorite season of the year. I’ve always loved the time of year: the change in rhythms, the change in weather, the upcoming holidays, the rituals of the season. When we look at the natural world, we can see the rhythm of the world in the plants and environment around us. Spring begins the process of growth and new birth, and things really kick in during the summer time, where so much growth happens. And then the fall begins and things begin to slow down, and head toward the rest and repose of winter.

The thing that struck me the most with the recent weather change is how deeply and profoundly I was reminded that things can still change, and do change, and will change. Fall tells me, on some deep primal level, that change is still possible.

I think most of us sometimes feel disturbed by the world around us right now. We’re inundated with large and loud opinions, scandals, crises; fear and unknowing loom large. For me, sometimes it can feel overwhelming, like things will never change.

Sometimes in life the only thing we can do is draw down deep, adapt, and just carry on, because you have absolutely no other choice. You summon up as much courage as you can muster, and you keep trudging through.

You drop the expectations that things will be any different.

You drop the attachments to the things you feel entitled to.

You surrender.

But then…something shifts.

The heaviness begins to lift.

The weather begins to lighten.

The leaves become different colors.

The rhythm changes.

Change has begun.

Fall is a reminder to me to keep showing up.

To keep digging deeper.

To keep loving harder.

Change will come.